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04 February 2008

50.5 year run, broken

Matt had made it 50 1/2 years without a broken bone, but that streak of good luck is over now. I have a feeling it wasn't for lack of trying that him from breaking bones in the past. The boy had a black eye when he took first communion. (First confession may have gone like this: "Father forgiven me for I have sinned.This is my first confession...I put frog in my sister's bed...Sassed my mom...I got in a fight, yesterday...No sir, I wasn't trying to get all my naughtiness out before I officially knew the difference...")

So here he is out ice skating with his fifth meta-carpal of his right hand broken. It's hard to see but his pinky and ring fingers are in a soft cast/splint.

If I understood correctly he was cleaning up the downstairs, went to move some boxes, and something that was on top of the boxes (didn't catch what, we were talking across another conversation) fell on his hand. Definitely broken.

Here's some more pictures from the day.
Skating and Sunset

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