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04 February 2008

Oldies but Goodies?

I don't know what my favorite song was in 6th grade. I remember a lot for when I was 11 but what I listened to isn't in there. I listened to the classic rock radio stations (105.9WCXR and DC101, I can remember that, go fig. I think this was before Mom banned us from listening to the DC101 morning guy.) and didn't own a Debbie Gibson album. I'm sure I listened to tons of Led Zeppelin because this was during my brother's LZ phase.

Sometime in 6th - 8th grade, I heard Songs from the Woods by Jethro Tull during 105.9's midnight classics (or whatever) where they'd play an entire album through. I loved it, still do. But I don't think I have a favorite song or even a favorite album. Why narrow it down to one?

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