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28 February 2008

Not Really Me

I've been thinking about image lately, not sure why (might have to do with my incredibly desperate need for a haircut), and the Smart Set articles offered some interesting points but all the advice and history doesn't change my complaints. There are several reasons I don't wear make-up or worry about my clothes too much.

One reason I don't wear make-up is I haven't found a foundation I like; Honu-Girl and Sarah have pledged to drag me to the Mac counter and solve that problem. Another reason is I regularly have one or two of the pimples that make-up only makes look worse, so why bother? Another reason, the five minutes I might spend putting on make-up could be spent sleeping; I don't think anyone has a way to get around that. Then there are all the social/emotional/political problems I have with make-up, which can be boiled down to, "why isn't my face good enough?"

Part of the reason I don't much worry about my clothes is because I'm hard to fit. I'm taller than average and so have broader shoulders, longer arms, longer rise, longer legs, longer torso, and longer fingers and feet, than clothing manufacturers seem to think I should. If you want numbers I posted them here.) I do alright with pants; they've caught on that taller women often need a longer rise as well as longer inseam. But blouses just don't fit. I don't know of any "tall women's" stores around here. There was one at Tyson's Corner but I wasn't tall enough for their clothes, at least not in high school, maybe now that I'm not so skinny I could find stuff there (and I traveled several hundred miles to shop). And no one seems to make tall fat women's clothing; I not that fat but I'm bigger than the largest "tall" size in store and catalogs I've seen, at least for tops, if they carry tops in talls. I like mens shirts - no shape, but they reach my wrists and don't pull at the shoulders. Besides dressing to look nice takes effort and thought (and enthusiasm*) that I have a hard time mustering first thing in the morning.

On the flip side of the coin are all the social/emotional/political pressures that boil down to you'll never get a man looking like that.

*An example of how little thought, effort, and enthusiasm for the morning I have: The stubble on my legs can grow so long it bothers me in pants and I will still forget, or run out of time, to shave my legs during a 45 minute shower. (Most weekday morning showers aren't that long, 10-30 minutes.) This isn't uncommon, unless I'm swimming regularly.


honu-girl said...

I understand the not wanting to spend time on the make-up thing. I think one reason I've started to wear make-up now is for that few minutes of time it gives to me, just for myself. Wearing make-up has forced me to take better care of my skin in general, too.

My session at the MAC counter with Sarah that "converted" me started out by me saying "I don't wear make-up. I don't want to look like I am wearing make-up. And, I don't want it to take a lot of time." And my make-over dude listened to all of those, and I have a routine now that can take me anywhere from 2 minutes (the absolute basics) to 15 minutes (full-bore mascara, etc). And I think you are really the only one who has even noticed that I'm wearing make-up now (and that's mainly when I wear mascara, I think).

You shouldn't wear make-up if you think it's saying "why isn't my face good enough?" because it IS. I think make-up should just make you look more like you, if that makes sense.

We won't hog-tie you down to go play with color at MAC, but I still think you might have fun with it. As long as it makes you feel good about yourself, not worse :D

honu-girl said...

edit: 2nd to last paragraph, first sentence - "You shouldn't wear make-up if you think it's saying "why isn't my face good enough?" because it IS good enough"

That's what I meant, but re-reading it I saw that it could be taken differently, and I don't want you to think that!!

Sarah, etc. said...

I'm with you on the long legs-rise-sleeve issue. I REJOICE when I find something with sleeves that fit just right.

As for the makeup, your face is WONDERFUL. And always will be. The makeup is about having fun mostly. Little bit about feeling creative and maybe confident, but mostly fun. Shouldn't do it if it's not fun.