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22 February 2008

Cool thing from the internet.

I just ran across this map of the world at Strange Maps (Ok, it popped up in my Reader.) Cool idea using musical notation to make a picture. The fourth commenter on Strange Maps has some quibbles with the actual map but I still think it's kind of cool. I like Plakovic's other stuff, too.

I'm not sure the song linked to the picture is suppose to actually be the music written in the art but is the song that inspired the art. Maybe? He writes about how he has strong visual connection to music. He sees it. (I'm not describing it well.) But then the "about" page reads like the linked song is the song he wrote with the art. Without notations to indicate the instruments meant to play the piece, I can't say I know what the song would sound like. And even then, all those years in band and orchestra, I know very little about percussion scores.

Either way about the music it's self, it's kinda cool. And brought to you by the Internet.

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