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06 February 2008


Mons Olympus on Mars (color indicating elevation)

Mons Olympus is 27 kilometers high (3 times higher than Mount Everest, 2.6 times taller than Mauna Kea). The caldera complex (the red area in the center) is 3 up to kilometers deep.(thanks Wikipedia) In short, it's huge. And awesome. And really cool Martian geology.

The ESA can get 10m/pixel resolution on Mars. Most of digital elevation models (DEMs) of Alabama are 30m/pixel. Why do we have better elevation data of Mars than Alabama?

Why is Mars and the Moon better imaged and more studied than our own ocean floors.

Is it really because there might be Martians out there while deep sea creatures, as weird and wonderful as they might be, are still Earthlings?

Can I make a terrain model and fly around Mars now, please?

When can I do the same for the ocean?

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