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08 February 2008


I don't think I can capture my Honey's voice as well as Chad seems to have Emmy's (could be one reason he's writing a book explain physics to his dog and I'm not) but here's a sampling to watch she says to me.

After coming back in first thing in the morning and curling up on the couch: "You're going to work aren't you?"

A few minutes later, from same perch: "Please don't go to work. I'll be so lonely."

When I get home, sometimes: "MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY! I've missed you soooooo much. Pet me, please, please, PLEEEEEESE. Rub my ears, rub my ears...oooooh, that's the spot....."

Later while watching T.V.: A half groan half sigh with big stretch followed by "you wouldn't believe the day I had. After you left I had to get off the couch and walk all the way to the kitchen to eat. Then I went up the stair to nap on the bed, later I got down and napped on the dirty clothes, then I went downstairs to get a drink and all the way back up the stairs to the dirty clothes pile. Mid-afternoon it became clear that I needed to move back up to the bed (it was trying to float away) so I had to get up, walk across the room and JUMP up onto the bed. I'm exhausted, when's bed time?"

In the picture above she's saying "oh, Mom's paying attention to me instead of the stupid rock. Gotta be cute, maybe we'll go to the park."

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