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14 February 2008

See we work hard around here.

Well not so much last Tuesday. Last Tuesday a photographer and crew showed up to take our pictures. Or Honu-Girl, our boss, Richard E., and I thought so. Turned out they really just wanted pictures of Richard.

Richard works for Southern Company (parent company of AL Power, GA Power, MS Power...) and is the lead person from there on a couple of carbon capture/storage projects they are partnered with us on. Someone up in SoCo management decided that one of the stories in this years shareholder's report would be about those efforts. And they need pictures of us.

Richard thought they wanted pictures of us doing actual work. No, they wanted a "hero shot". (I was very disappointed to learn this did not mean Masa Oka, Milo Ventimiglia, or Zachary Quinto would be joining us.:D) So they set him up in the warehouse kneeling in front of some pieces of core. He knelt there for about two hours, with some standing in between. He got make-up. He got bright lights shown on him. He had serious face until the photographer told him to smile a little. They added our boss into the last set of photos. He didn't get make-up (I don't think they had enough to cover the top of his head.) and he stood, to make him about the same height as Richard kneeling. Finally they did take a group picture for both projects.

Anyway, Honu-Girl and I had fun watching the process although we were starving by the time it was over and slightly punchy. ("Raise that up a little" made us giggle like kindergarteners. You had to be there.)

Here's a few pictures of the production.

The photographer's assistants didn't seem to understand why it was so important to keep those boxes of rocks in order.

Completely unrelated but...I took this picture driving home one evening. Yes, while moving; no, I didn't compose the shot I just pointed the camera in the general direction and pushed the button. I got lucky.

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