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26 February 2008

Three sentences

...from page 123 of the book closest to you. Chad has a post about this meme, so I thought what the hell. And then "what is the closest book to me?"

The closest book was a field trip guide but it only has 98 pages. So next (excluding a catalog) gets you:

To change the color to red, click the "Style" Tab and click the red cell of the "Color" palette. The green box will change to red. The small yellow box following the letters GR indicates the track position.

Sorry, it's the PETRA manual. We're in Chapter 5, Cross Section Module. Fascinating, I know. The section might be somewhat useful since it actually tells you how to do something.

The next closest book is, I think, Applied Geophysics, second edition, by Telford, Geldart, and Sheriff. Magnetic Methods, Field examples, page 213:

The minimum of E may be found by the method of Gauss, least squares, steepest descent, or other techniques. Here it was found by a combination of Marquart and Powell algorithms (McGarth and Hood, 1973). [see §2.7.9 for similar gravity procedure.]
Applied Geophysics is shelved with Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (Boggs), 3-D Structural Geology (Groshong), a binder of a draft of the book Structural Styles, Validation, and Prediction (Groshong) with homework assignments from the class in there, and a draft copy of 3-D Structural Geology in a binder with my homework assignments from the book/course.

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