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08 February 2008

Thank You!

I've been procrastinating majorly on part of a project because, partly, it was going to be a big pain in the ass. So I finally decided I better get to work on it or face the possibility of not having a glowing performance review in June (Although it's kind of embarrassing how wonderful an employee I sound like on paper.) and had thought of one possible way to avoid moving large quantities of paper from the other building to the Sed. lab, looking at each strip of paper, manually type in measurements two different places, and then import that data into a modeling program. Rinse and repeat about 200 times. (I'm measuring coal thickness from well logs.) Not a highly mentally taxing activity but a pain.

My idea didn't pan out.

Then Honu-girl showed me a way to do the measuring in the modeling program and it does all the figurin' for me and will store the data in the places I designate. This particular program isn't perfect - some bits could be better, needs some others, some are just awkward to use.... (once or twice I've wanted to go up to the programmers and slap 'em silly) but this particular tool/window has been a godsend for me. (and I haven't run up against any annoying quirks, yet.)

Thank you, Honu-Girl. You are wonderful. You saved me.

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honu-girl said...

Awww, shucks. You're welcome. You give me too much credit.