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21 February 2008

Nifty Photos

Nettie (with her new bike), Honey, and I went to the park Sunday. I decided that Nettie will never make it as an actress unless she learns to smile more convincingly on cue. I tried to get her picture while she was laughing but then she'd freeze in this very fake smile. Oh well, another dream of being related to someone rich and famous* goes down the tubes.

Here are some of my pictures.

Ripples; Nettie and her bike waiting impatiently for me and Honey; Forsythia; Honey deciding if the water was too cold to fetch the stick in.

I think the first log looks a bit like a seal or walrus or a giant snake. The second and third pictures are the same log but from opposite sides. It's hard to see but I think in the second picture the end of it looks like a dog's head (you can't see the "ear" in the picture, but there is one). In the third it still looks likes a head/face but this one more like a dragons, maybe?

This was the sunset I had to drive into. That thing attached to the sun visor is my hand trying to block as much of the sun as possible and still see where I was driving, in the first pic. The second one is the sun through the train trestle. Nettie did a good job while I drove.

This is what we did Monday.

I aired out the house this weekend and it got COLD Sunday night. I joined the animals out in the sun for a while, until I closed the windows and turned the heat back on.

*I am, through my brother's wife, related to someone famous, but I don't think professional flutists are very rich.

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